It’s Raining Baby Showers



Always on the look out for cute, new ideas for baby showers … I came across this theme. Taking the ‘showers’ in baby shower quite literally! This whimsical theme is eye catching and although it would be lovely in any season, it is perfect for Spring Showers.

Don’t be daunted by creating your theme. Choose neutral tones and purchase block colour basics (baby blue is perfect for the illusion of a nice blue sky A few clever cut outs will create your ‘Shower’.  Rain drops in white & difference shades of blue cut and thread through fishing line and then hung from the ceiling. Place gorgeous under white pom poms up high & it will seem rain is falling from your heavenly sky ( If a nearby breeze can gently catch your raindrops it will beautifully enhance the effect.

Cut out little white clouds & glue onto toothpicks (a glue gun makes light work of these things!). These little clouds will make any plate of food encapsulate your Shower theme. The image below shows how the dress up cute blue topped cupcakes. However you could use them for canapes too. 



Use your cloud cutouts on other table decorations to bring everything together. Try to keep all other tones neutral, the white clouds & white pom poms need a calm backdrop  to ensure they are the focus of your table setting.


Sure to delight your guests!



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A baby shower can be a chance to be innovative & creative, we hope you get a few ideas here….